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Who are we?

With time, particular skills will be more sought out, from students rather than certificates of generic degrees and graduations. The world is slowly moving towards specializations and expertise in the smallest aspects of operations and is heavily investing in this direction. One such field is in programming and computer engineering which delves deep into each and every small aspect of life. From robotics to the simplest of gaming utilities, this is the foundation and fulcrum of many software and hardware functions. One needs to be equipped with a suitable knowledge of language to be able to fit into the large spectrum of computer science and this is what PyGrad intends to solve.

PyGrad is a unique platform offering the expertise of one of the most popular languages that the computer world thrives on. As the name itself suggests, PyGrad is a platform for students who are focused on computer engineering to go one step higher in their understanding, skill levels, and application of Python. Offering this expertise to all students who are getting set for a world that is dynamic - as is the computer world, PyGrad intends to make a lasting impact in the lives of aspiring computer engineers with the Best Computer Science Programs, Core Python Tutorials, and Advanced Python Courses.

From basic programs in the language to the most advanced ones, PyGrad makes learning simple through its online python coding classes and takes a dedicated approach to enable students - as the instructors are absolutely passionate about what we do. Making this process of learning the complex Python language a process of fun, is also one of the objectives of PyGrad, making it stand apart from the rest of the crowd.

With Pygrad, start your journey into developing into a fantastic programmer today!


Python Graduate Programs

This Python Career Program consists of courses tailored to make you develop comprehensive coding skills in Python with theory and practical sessions. End of the Python Graduation Course, you will be recognized with a Certificate and Trophies and advanced assistance on the next steps to take.

Computer Science / Engeneering Graduate

This Career Program consists of courses to make you develop important computer science and engineering skills required for advancement into University admissions. This will give you the right skills to achieve the required Programming skills, Operating systems, and Networking.



Python Coding workshops for beginners are a great way to enhance your coding and problem-solving skills through various exercises given by the instructor and dissecting the code in detail and explaining the logic & algorithm behind the code. It's the way to become the super coder. We offer Fundamental & Advanced python workshops for students to match their skill levels.



If you are considering admissions into US Universities or Colleges, then we are here to help you achieve the skill required with our AP Computer Science Course & help you write the AP-Computer Science exam as well as AP-Math & Statistics exam. We can also help to develop your own STEM project to fulfill the admission requirements by demonstrating your skill to University.

Our USP's

Multiple Training Options

PyGrad offers two types of training options. You could wish to take the python training classes in a group or take classes one on one with our very trained and proficient instructors with prudent knowledge in Python Programming and its applications.

Highly Qualified Recognitions

Every student of our python training institution is titled to be certified by proficient instructors. Your recognitions will be accredited and will give you uptight chances to ace the opportunities that knock on your door. Don't go away without taking anything back home.